Brown Puffle Performs at Puffle Circus

If you were here for the fall fair 2010 or 2009, you know that club penguin has
a puffle circus. The brown puffle is now said to be performing there. The news
talks to a forturne teller, so I’m guessing they work with her and tell


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Rockhopper is Near

Rockhopper’s ship The Migrator can be seen from the telescop at the

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Fall Fair Preperations 2011

The preperations for the fall fair are only at the beach this year:

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New Pin

Something I just realized, (sorry) there is a new pin out. It’s a balloon and is located at the forest:

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Club Penguin Better Igloos Catalog September 2011

penguin Better igloos came out today. Check it out:

1. Click the picture on top of the
food stand.

2. Click the trash in the “feed
fluffy trashcan.”

1. Click the port hole in the “captain
cut out.”
2. Click the 1st star of the water
1. Click the plant on the boss
2. Click the 3rd locker of the
Click the numbers “75”

Click the word “Half-Pipe.”

Click the yellow slushie dispenser

Click any of the 5 buttons on the slushie
1. Click the
trophie with the blue base.

2. Click the
tip of the Snow Fortress Wall.
Click the
circled part of the palm tree in the
Click the dark spot on the plastic

1. Click coin of
the flashing flare item

2. Click the
button on the single flare

3. Click the
backwards “c” looking thing on the radient rock (neon guitar

1. Click the coin
of the dance mat

2. Click the
guitar on the drums

3. Click the
first visable table leg of the party platter

4. Click light on
the lazer lights

1. Click any of
the 3 buttons on the guitar amp

2. Click the last
light of the concert lights

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Club penguin App for Ipod touch

Last week club penguin talked about an
app. This week we learn that this app is puffle launch. (as it is the game that
looks the most like an app)

Check it out:

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Special Dances Glitch September 2011

The two new special dances/jobs (balloon and pizza) have glitches. They do not show
the penguin’s beakĀ  or eyes; it just looks like a shaddow:

This glitch sometimes fixes itself, and I don’t know how, trying to figure that out.
If you may have found a solution, feel free to comment. I will post my solution.
Also, do you even have this problem? COMMENT!

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